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Sarah Schroko 
In Room #4 at 
Copper Canyon Wellness Center

About Reiki

 Reiki therapy is a way to promote peace and balance in your life and inner spirit or subconscious self. In Reiki their isn't any talking or problem solving during your session, only peace and quiet. This stress reduction technique promotes deep relaxation during the session through some light touch or without any touch if one prefers. 

Clients normally enjoy a nap or deep daydreaming and are left feeling calm and energized after a session. Reiki is a practice that revitalizes and rebalances the whole person, the energy body and the physical body.                                   I like to think of Reiki as if it is a massage for your soul.  


Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki Sessions

For where two or more gather in my name, there I am with them.

Matthew 18:19 & 20


Treatment Options

90 Minute Reiki Session

I will start this session out with a guided visualization of a Holy Fire Experience. After you have settled into this, I will join you at the table and start a full body Reiki session. This Reiki session involves a hands-on light touch of 6-9 placements while the client is lying down, face up and fully clothed. It is natural for the client to fall asleep and possibly want a few sessions in the first month or so. 

120 Minute Reiki Session 

 This session starts out with a guided visualization of a Holy Fire Experience. After you have settled in to this I will join you and start a full body Reiki session. For some 90minutes may seem like a lot but it is not. You will be left loving it and feeling like time never passed and so rejuvenated.  In a 90 minute versus a 60 minute I will be able to help those with more direct areas of pain or those with more years of unresolved trauma. Some of us are even carrying around other peoples sufferings and we can first work on decluttering your energetic field. 

Distance Virtual Session 

Reiki works with the energetic body, beyond our physical being. Because of this you can be anywhere and receive. We will meet on Zoom and during this time you will rest at home while receiving Reiki for that hour. If Im finding your body isnt ready to end at the 60minute we will keep going to 90 minutes with no additional charge. 

The treatment was soothing and relaxing! I lost track of time and space. At the end my mind was calm, my body was energized and I had a fantastic day!                                                   PK

I felt lighter and had more energy after my appointment.                                        SF

I deeply enjyoyed a Distance Reiki session from Utah! The energy was as tangible as if I was there in person. I was able to relax in the comfort of my own home while Sarah worked on me via Zoom. I have now made these sessions apart of my selfcare.                                                                       BW


Love Yourself
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